20th August 1985
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    Thursday, July 1, 2010 @ 11:47 PM

    24th June 2010

    First 1000 visitors to SkyPark

    Sunday, May 9, 2010 @ 11:39 PM

    Tips to prevent your boyfriends/husbands from cheating:

    Rule #1: Be Supportive (Emotionally) & Be giving (Physically- only for wives)

    Gfs & wives- Did i mention it's not good enough to be pretty & beautiful, well here it it... The story doesn't end at being pretty because you knoe you're not just an Artwork ya? Men needs to feel dominant & supported, regarding of opposite views, there're ways you could put across in your disagreement instead of throwing a wet blanket with a nasty tone... For example saying " That's a good idea but how about...?" than "Are you brainless? You should...." okay its kinda exaggerated but you get the drift... You want them to be sensitive to you? Be one yourself! The cruel fact is he will choose another woman not as pretty as you, because what they're looking for is not just an empty vase, but one he could attach him emotionally to...

    Wives only- Once you're married, you should realize how important physical touch is for men... Sometimes a real hug means a lot... Come on! Suprise him! Don't just hug him before he goes to work, try hugging him when he's brushing his teeth... Men are simple-beings & easily satisfied as compare to us woman, don't you think so? And even though its a little wrong since i'm not married, but as a wife, i think no matter how tired you are, you should make the best out of each session you both made love... Guys have to feel in control, don't they? Get real!

    Rule #2: Try to be Beautiful (Rule #2 works only if Rule #1 worked)

    How loud do you need me to emphasize this to all women ot there??? Spare me the "My boyfriend loves me for who i am" & "He says i'm so much prettier without make-up"... Why is it that when you put on make-up on your wedding day & your man's eyes sparkle. Goodness graious me, i know your boyfriend/husband loves you dearly but what is more important than keeping his eyes on you? if you think this is superficial, YOU are being superficial & living in great denial.. You know your man is a visual-animal don't you? Trust me if you ask them "will you love me if i gain 20 pound", 10 out of 10 men will tell you "Of course dear! I will love you more!".. And you know what i will say? CUT THE CRAP! Men wants women who are in good self-discipline & control but most of all, you need to be his pride.. It's totally indigenous for a man to feel happier because he has a well-groomed, capable woman supporting him.. Yous confidence makes you feel happy & your happiness is the best gift you could give to your man- Guess what's men's worst fear- QUARRELSOME WOMEN & FIGHTS.. Moreover, your willingness to make an effort proves how much he means to you..

    Two rules & that's all you need to be equipped. (Self-sacrificing is part of love)

    If after fulfilling the above * your man still cheats on you- well if you're not married, find another.

    If you're married, forgiveness is the greatest punishment for him..

    Quoted from

    Monday, January 11, 2010 @ 12:35 AM

    NYE @ The Float

    Mr Freddie

    I forgot his name already

    8 mins of fireworks

    Me & Amy
    Finally spoken to her

    Poker @ Rainel place after work




    Trying to act skinny when i called him fatty

    Cheers to the new year

    Vincent feeling HOT after the wine

    Sunday, January 10, 2010 @ 11:34 PM

    Batam Trip 25/12/09 - 26/12/09
    Day 1

    View from our room

    I want to stay in that house

    Taking a stroll at the beach

    Finally tasted A&W after so long

    Shopping spree at some shopping mall
    The cab fare cost me SGD$42 for 3.5hr

    Walkway to our room

    Day 2

    Her Breakfast

    My Breakfast

    A walk to the seafood restaurent

    In between we went for a couple massage
    Massage till we both fell asleep

    Going back SG already

    Not going to let you know who is she

    Lunch at the restaurent in the hotel before going back to SG